What temp does the water need to be? does it matter?

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    On very hot days my automatic watering system provides water that is very hot. I supply the water to the system by running a garden hose across the ground and the sun bakes the water in the hose until it is to hot to touch. I have to use 2 - 3 times the amount of water needed to fill the container just to cool the water. my question is - does it matter? Does warm water provide as well as cold water?

    Here is a link to my water system:
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    Quote:I would think that hot water would not be good for chickens on a hot day. I change my waterers once or twice a day to keep it cool during really hot days (80s and above). Cool water provides the chickens with a way to cool their insides. Heat is much more dangerous to chickens than cold weather as chickens have no sweat glands and it is difficult for them to regulate their temperature. Cold water goes a long way towards helping them out.
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    IF the water gets above a certain temperature, the chickens will stop drinking it. . . . . . I think that certain temperature is around 85 F

    I make sure my water is in the shade and run the water a while before refilling their canisters. Also, I through a couple of ice cubes in their water around lunch time to help cool it down. My day temps have been running 100 + this week. It has been horrid.
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