what the heck?! Help PLEASE!


10 Years
Sep 9, 2009
Lake Butler (Union County)
this morning my bator temp and humidity dropped to 90* and 59% humidity. I faught thick and thin to raise it up. I put a sweater over the bator for a few hours. As soon as I raised to where it needed to be, I took the sweater off. Right after taking the sweater off, I went outside to put clothes on the line. When I came back in, I went to check on them and IT"S BACK TO 90* and 59%.
I still have 11 eggs that are waiting for hatching but for some reason I can't keep the humidity and temp at where it is supposed to be! Should I jsut leave the sweater over the bator?
Test the thermometer for accuracy again BEFORE you alter the temp of the bator. Be careful when covering - do NOT cover the vent holes!

Thermometers go bad. So do thermostats. So you have to check the thermometer's accuracy and then worry about temps.

If you can find a heating pad you can put under it for short periods that's safer than covering the vent holes. But you cannot trust heat pads for long periods.

Here's hoping only your thermometer is inaccurate. Losing a thermostat or heating element mid hatch just sucks.

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