What the heck is going on with my little hen????????????

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    I just discovered this---is this the rooster being too amorous, molting (but she is only 8 months old) or something more serious? She doesn't have mites or lice, but all the feathers on her neck and feet have come out to be replaced by spiny feather shafts. Is this just molting??? Am I worried for nothing???

    Nutmeg's neck:



    Close up:

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    Hello, awesomefowl! This looks like a typical molt to me, and what you see are nice new pin feathers growing in. I've read that chickens often molt in the neck area first. She should soon look fluffy and shiny again!
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    Quote:Whew. She had me scared!!! Thanks, and happy new year!
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    she's all great!! Molting is all:) [​IMG]

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