What the heck is this?!?!?!?!?


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Mar 16, 2012
North Carolina
Today, when moving some vinyl siding, much to my surprise after I picked the last piece up there were some light brownish-white eggs underneath the last piece, kind of in a rut. Thinking they were golf balls (I hit them all over the yard) I reached down to pick them up when much to my surprise I noticed they were eggs! They are almost exactly the size of a medium chicken egg (like my black silkies lay). I know there is no way they are chicken eggs, as it would have been next to impossible for a chicken toget under there. Also I know that no predator is "storing" eggs there, as I can account for nearly every single egg my hens have laid, 1egg, per chick, per day. All I can guess is these are snake eggs waiting to hatch...anyone else heard of anything like this, and if so, how can I remove them!!!!
I'd have to put them in the bator and see what hatches!
Not really! I'll bet they are snake or turtle eggs.
I am trying to remember but I don't think that snake or turtle eggs would be the same as a bird egg...they have a more leathery type outer 'shell'.

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