blue fire

14 Years
May 2, 2007
Murfreesboro, TN
Ok so i got home from school and came to check up on the chickens, as usual. So I walk around the backyard and notice my Bo, Bertha, is missing. I look in the coop,Bertha is not there, I look behind the Garage, not there either. At this point my imagination says, "OMG, she flew over the fence and a dog got her!", but my logical side says," You know she can't fly over the fence, she can't be far away.". At this point I have searched every resonable place Bertha could be. I went to check the chicken coop one last time, walk past the garage and Presto!! Bertha pops out from under the garage, and it seems she is saying, "What are you looking for?". While telling Bertha how worried she made me I spotted Dingus, RIR, laying under a bush, and she looked like she did not feel too good."Oh no,"I thought,"another one of those mystery illnesses, that end up dissapering, when there was probably nothing wrong with her in the first place.". So I decide to squat down and to take a look, and talk to, Dingus. As I was asking her about her well being ( I know they can't talk back, but it makes me feel better) Harriet, barred rock, decided it would be a wonderful time to perch on my head. With much conflict, I removed, the quite heavy, Harriet from my scalp. At this point Dingus decides to join Bertha for a walk around the yard. Bertha slowly made her way to the patio while grazing. I noticed that Dingus was not eating, which furthered my concern for her health. Dingus started squating as if she was going to poop, so I watched to see if her poop looked normal, when she did poop. She was straining and squating until finnaly, out pops something. It was an egg, but not any egg, an egg without a shell, the first shell-less egg we have had, to my knowlege. What a day!
Yes what a day! I have yet to have a shell less egg, but I really would have love to seen you on the ground talking to a chicken with another chicken on your head!!
Should I be concerned about the shellless egg and the hiding under the shed? I looked under the shed and did not see any eggs, but anything is possible
, though I am sure there are not 71 eggs under the garage
.... or are there!?
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* Mine OFTEN goes 'walkabout' and gets herself in the darndest places in the day and hours before she lays. .It's like a bad game: "Chicken, Chicken; Where's that durn Chicken???"

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