What time do hens typically lay

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    Jul 14, 2013

    I got my first set of hens in the spring time. 2 of them are just about ready to lay. Do you know what time they typically lay their eggs? I let mine out to free range about 9:00 am. I leave the coop door open in case they want to go back in. I'm afraid they could be laying somewhere and I won't be able to find the eggs. What time should I keep them in the coop till in the morning? Any advice would be very appreciated!

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    Apr 28, 2012
    My chickens lay from 8:30 to about 12:00. Hope that helps [​IMG]
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    The time during the day in which hens lay depends upon the individual hen. Even then it can change, all depending on the hen's reproductive cycle. If a hen lays every 22 hours, then you can expect to see the time of lay to gradually get earlier, then going back to an afternoon lay. It can also depend on when the boss hen lays, and some will follow her schedule. If a hen doesn't have access to her favorite nesting spot, and she feels the need to lay, then she will lay. She will find a spot she likes and drop an egg.

    If your setup allows, I would just leave the coop door open so they can lay in the nest box (if that is where they like to lay) as they feel the need. Otherwise you could very well end up searching for eggs.

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