what time is it easy to put your chickens a way amd is it possible for chickens to go on strick from

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    sense my chickens are free rang in are yard its hard to Rangel them into there coops at times when we need to get them in there so is there like a specific time that is good to start putting them in and it would be easer then trying to Rangel them in? [​IMG]

    Also is it possible for chickens to go on strike from laying eggs because I think mine did course when it started to get cold they kind a jest stopped I am not sure if its jest a thing they do when it gets cold or they chose to do this or is this something I am doing wrong? [​IMG]

    please answerer back I would really like to no[​IMG]
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    Hi there,
    My birds will follow me anywhere, anytime if they think they're getting a treat. I suggest using scratch or mealworms to entice them in. Once they get the idea, you shouldn't have any trouble at all.
    When the weather gets colder, egg production slows down or even stops. Not so much because of the cold, but the amount of daylight. In order to encourage them to resume laying, extend your daylight hours by using a lightbulb in the coop. Just make sure it's secure and won't catch anything on fire! There are several good articles in the learning center that you should read if you have the time.
    [​IMG] Sue

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