What time is normal for Roosting?


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May 16, 2011
My chickens went in to roost today at about 6 pm... it seems everyday it gets a little earlier and earlier. I wonder if I should get them to come back out, or just leave them be. It just seems that especially now when it will be light a couple more hours, that they would stay out. I've only had them about 3 weeks so I'm def new to this, I've just read that sunlight hours are important with layers. When I first got them they would start to wander in around dusk.

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Gets dark around 9:15 here.Mine want to go about 8:30.I wait till 9.They are staying in the garage[safe place] till the coop is done.[getting close]I don't let them out untill I go to work around 6:30am.Seems to be working for me .Hot today,,,not sure what I'm going to do.In the 90's and real warm in the garage.Water in with them tonight.Kevin
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My birds go to roost when they feel like it. The older birds seem to go earlier than the younger ones. Usually everyone is in their coop before dark.

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