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14 Years
May 10, 2009
I have six Red Sex Links, 5 months old. They are laying well, usually 4 eggs a day, sometimes 5. I'm usually able to collect my eggs by 9:00am. I have a friend that told me she has to collect eggs morning and afternoon. Curious how unusual this is??? What time are you able to collect your eggs?
Most are before noon but will often have 1 or 2 in late afternoon when I check on them and get ready to let they out to free range. Getting 11-12 eggs a day.
Eggs are not laid at the same time every day for a chicken. They can lay anytime up to bed time, and some might even lay on the roost!

I collect once a day - at 5pm actually, and we have found eggs at bed time on some nights when locking up the coop!
I get most of mine in the morning too, by about 9:30 (I had 2 by 6:45 this morning) but have an occasional afternoon egg. So I also check twice a day.
I have had this happen too. There have been mornings when I go to let the girls out of the coop to find a broken egg or two on the floor or the roost.
I think thats the best time, it helps to prevent eggs being left overnight - with it getting cold now for most of us (shut up if you're in CA) I collect as late as possible so as to avoid frozen egg.
My early layers are around 7 am and I have some that are 5pm layers.Works out fine since I'm usually feeding about that time.We won't worry about frozen eggs for weeks yet
sorry but I grew up in those cold northern states and every time I think about going back I watch the weather
Mine are still in bed when I leave in the morning so I only check once around 3. Then if someone hasn't laid I might check again before I lock them, but I rarely find anything later.
my hens lay mid day, two of them are late in the day birds- around 3pm.

Not sure why its that way, it just is.

Probably because I dont free feed them. They're out at 9 for food and water and spend the day out grazing and free ranging.

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