What to breed my rooster with

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Mar 22, 2018
I’ve got a beautiful black sizzle rooster. Would like to pair him with some hens for breeding. Since he is already a mix, is that an issue for breeding ? What pairings would you suggest and what would they produce? Thanks
Shouldn't be an issue if he's a mix. Lots of possibilities! Are their any colours or breeds you have in mind? You want to go with other breeds around the same size as him. My first thought is silky hens for him but you could have a lot of fun breeding different crosses like EEs, sebright, Cochin, other bantam breeds
Anything you want, but avoid breeding him to other frizzles. Frizzle gentics is a bit odd. If you breed two frizzles together 25% of their offspring has briddle feathers that just break and leave them rather uncovered and ugly. If you breed him to a smooth feathered bird then 50% of the chicks will have frizzle feathers.

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