What to charge a guy for fryers?


11 Years
Feb 27, 2008
I am going to raise some fryers later. A fella wants me to raise some for him as well. He is not my buddy or anything so i dont have to "make him a deal". What would be a fair price to charge them, both alive and he processes it price as well as a price in the bag. Thanks
I charge $3.50 per pound dressed. What will really effect your price, though, will be processing. It costs me at least $5 per bird plus 180 mile round trip in gas.

Don't forget to amoratize things like feeders, electric netting, housing, insurance, medicines, food, travel, etc.
Count pennies in the process. If fryers are 1.40 each in batches of 50, you buy 50, and shipping is $10. Now you're in for $80. Now count feed until butchering. Say you buy 20 bags of grower at $8 each and use it all at butcher time, now you're in another $160. Count $20 for your troubles to go buy bags of feed. Now you have 50 fryers and you've spent $260. Thats $5.20 per bird cost. (My feed amounts were just randomly picked so it may come out to less). If your time is worth nothing, sell them to him at $5.20. If you do a quick calculation of time, and it's worth something, apply it. Say you spend 30 minutes per day tending to the chickens all together for the 7 weeks they're alive. That's 24.5 hours. You spend about 10 minutes per chicken butchering it if you've got the right equipment, so there is another 8.3 hours. Now you're at 32.8 hours total. If your time is worth $10 per hour, that's another $6.56 per chicken. Charge him $11.76.

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