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    Jun 18, 2007
    My brother and I will most likely be doing 4-h this coming year(so, I'm going to need another coop), but I need to make a temporary set up while I have cover crop growing in my chicken run. How much do banty hens get auctioned off at? Would it be enough money to pay for supplies to build a new coop? Should I just borrow some money from my parents now and have a new coop built now instead of building one later, and build 2 temporary setups in addition??? [​IMG]
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    Unless your banty hens are show birds, you would probably not get enough money to build a new coop.

    However, a lot of people make coops using recycled materials and doing some dumpster diving.

    Chicken out the coops section here for some good ideas for chicken tractors or other easy coops to build.

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