What to do about moultin hen...


9 Years
Feb 21, 2010
Duvall, WA
One of my ladies has picked a fine time to moult... During the first snow this winter! Poor little thing has lost at least 50% of her feathers and is almost bare on her chest so I went out to check on her this morning when the snow started falling... She looked ok but later this afternoon when I was cleaning my horse stalls I peeked at her and caught her shivering several times.

I could bring her in and put her in a kennel in the laundry room at night but I'd prefer not to get her used to inside temps unless it's absolutely necessary. Too bad I can't knit, I'd make her a little chicken sweater
I won't lie... I actually did check out little dog sweaters at the store today because I feel so bad. Have any of you dealt with a winter moult? What did you do, if anything?
I'm not a house chicken sort of person, but I must admit if I had a hen who was that bare, in a cold climate, I'd buy a dog sweater or coat for her, or make something, or check out baby clothes -- something. Shivering is shivering, I would think, whether you're a human or a chicken.
I'm having the same exact problem! I'm usually not worried about my girls in the cold, but this one RIR has like zero feathers around her tail/butt area and on her breast. Its 11 degrees today and she keeps walking on an angle so the wind doesn't blow into her skin. So I'm looking for solutions as well.

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