What to do...about my roo?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by Shannon's Chix, Nov 4, 2009.

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    I decided to get a rooster for my 6 ladies awhile back. Got him at 16 weeks old, he's about 22ish? weeks now. Needless to say some overzealous mating has been going on, particularly to one hen who's becoming bare backed (saddle ordered and on the way). I would kick him off the girls when I let them freerange (only 2-3 hours a day) as some people do, simply because it is SO FREQUENT!!! I worry that I don't have enough hens, and also about my bare backed hen who is so sweet and it ticks me off how he's after her all the time![​IMG] I know that is "what chickens do" but since they are my pets, I'm wondering if I should get rid of him? I've had him separated for 2 days now waiting for my saddle, and I feel bad for him because I'm not sure what else to do... He is not mean at all, not particularly friendly either but huge and beautiful. Any ideas much appreciated!
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    Don't get rid of him. If you get a different roo he will just do the same thing. Let him be. Get him some more hens. He is doing what is supposed to do.
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    I know there are people on here who keep their roo separate.
    They do some rotation like he gets to be with the ladies for the last hour before they go to roost, or every 3rd day, or whatever works out for them. Perhaps something like that will work for you?
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    Do you need your rooster for fertilized eggs, or to protect the hens when they free range? It's ok to pen the rooster separate from the ladies especially if they are in close quarters and have no place to run and hide. A good ratio is about 10-12 hens to 1 rooster, but I know even if you put more hens in with him he'll still mate with his favorite hen more then with all the others. The chicken saddle or apron is great for keeping her back from being scratched raw and keeps the others from pecking her.
    I put all my roosters in their own batchelor pad now in late fall and I find the hens are more relaxed and lay better over the winter. When I want fertilized eggs for hatching I put the roos with their own breed/color hens to prevent mixed breeding, and in the summer and fall they all free range together.
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    Quote:I agree. He's being a rooster. That's his job. The hens are bothered by it as much as it bothers us humans, trust me. Just saddle your girl. As RR once put it, roos have three jobs - protection, procreation and peacekeeping.

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