what to do? duckling just born, mom kicked it out, HELP!


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Momma duck kicked this baby duckling out away from the other eggs she was sitting on. My dh called for me to come get it and we put a light on it. Don't know if she/he will make it. What advice do you have?

28 days will be this saturday, she has 9 more eggs under her. She would not let us near her either to check up on the eggs. this is the her first time and my first experience with letting one go broody and set on her eggs. HELP!

Any advice would be appreciated!

Thanks , Wendy
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It may be that this one wasn't supposed to be - or she might not be a good mommy. I would set up an in-house brooder with a moist washcloth and see if she can handle the hatches as they come.
I would put a heating pad on "low" underneath a pet carrier and (inside the carrier) put a warm washcloth under a piece of fleece blanket under 1/2 the carrier. That should supply enough moisture and heat for the wee one.
Good luck - hope it works out.
Thank you for the advice, just checked in on the baby, still okay. Keeping fingers crossed!

I thought about the not meant to be and the momma just knew it would not make it. But I have to try....
Keep a close eye on her to be sure she doesn't kick them all out. Not all good setters make good Mamas.
Yeah, I am wondering about her just being a good setter on the eggs and that is all she will be good at doing. But I need to know what to do with babies so young. We have only bought baby ducks and chicks never raised any for newborns.

And looking on the bright side, this way the can imprint on us. Now that would be cool!

So any more advice I could surely use!


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