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10 Years
Apr 4, 2009
I have two Nigerian Dwarf females that are about 5 months old & an Oberhasli female that is about 4 months old. All about the same size. I brought home a little 3 week old buck & was hoping that they wouldnt be too hard on him. Im afraid to leave him out there with them because I think they might hurt him. Theyre butting him into the walls. What can i do ? i have him seperated right now, but eventually, he will need to go with them. Ill be needing some advice here..
It's normal for goats to butt newbies, and be kind of rough on them for the first week or so. Normally they can be left to work it out between them, but since he is so young (bottle baby?) I wouldn't leave him, he will probably get hurt.

If he was mine at 3 weeks and being new (w/ no other bottle babies for him to stay with) he'd be inside til he was older, but I'm assuming you don't want to do that. So I would make him a separate pen, either right next to theirs, or inside their pen and wait til he's bigger to put them together (although you will want to separate him again once he's about 3 months old so he doesn't breed your girls). At that point he may be big enough to defend himself, and since they've been able to see each other the butting should be minimal. You may even want to take the calmest doe and put her in w/ him.

And pictures (of all 4) are always great!
I bet if you try asking your goat question on the other sister site: BackYardHerds.com That you will get alot more people responding.
You really need a sperate pen and a friend for him. The girls are too young to have a buck in with them. Even a young one. There is always that chance they will get bred, which can cause problems.

It will probably be okay for a few weeks but once the buck is around 2 months old he needs to get out.

Also, get a water gun. Watch and when they head butt him, spray them in the face. It's the only thing you can really do.

Most of the time you jsut have to let them boss each other.

Goats are harsh to each other, but they learn respect, and to get out of the way. But I don't like it.
That site is harder to use. I still get "error" messages saying wrong name or password. It's irritating.
That site is harder to use. I still get "error" messages saying wrong name or password. It's irritating.

Check your PMs.
ive been to that site.
thanks anyway.
but thank you to the people
that actually answered my question.
i will either get him a friend or have him
"fixed". i planned to have them all together
so i will try the water gun thing.
you'll need to keep him separate till he's a touch bigger. Keep him away till he's maybe 2 months ... after that you can integrate him with the herd, they will still butt him but he wont be hurt as bad.

fix him or keep him seperate with a buddy if you plan to use him for breeding

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