what to do if a hawk keeps coming back to your flock

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    Dec 28, 2013
    Ok I just lost a silkie hen to a hawk she was the sweetest thing and then for a couple of weeks we kept our chickens in the coops then we thought the hawk was gone then it attacked another hen and the hen survived but with a very deep scratch on her neck we have a exotic animal vet so we took her there they gave us meds and stuff but I left without $252.19 and so I love my chickens I even have proof.


    That's before we went to vet and there's also was an infection here's now and bill

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    Mar 10, 2013
    You may want to invest in some poultry netting to put over the area they hang out the most. The hawk will get tired of getting tangled in it. Also you may want to plant some cover shrubs and bushes in their area to hide under. Here is a link....http://www.mcmurrayhatchery.com/flight_top_netting.html
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    Dec 2, 2013
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    So sorry about your hen.

    Found this online, maybe something useful?

    Try hanging CDs from trees and bushes. Chickens don't mind the flash, and will even chase the odd bright spots around the yard. Hawks, however, don't seem to like that bright flash as they fly overhead.

    Plastic owls have also been used in keeping hawks away from chickens. An owl that remains stationary, however, does the chickens no good. Move the owl every few days.

    Use windsocks in the shape of rival birds, such as the ones sold at Aboveitallkites.com. These should be as convincing as possible to be of any use in keeping hawks away. Hang them high from long branches so that the boughs above do not conceal the decoy.

    Assistance From Other Animals

    Guinea hens may be noisy, but they are an excellent alarm system. Any predator that makes an appearance in your yard will be cause for a great deal of squawking. The guineas themselves are generally too large a target for most hawks, and so are not often taken.

    Dogs can't be everywhere at once, but they can help. Some say pot bellied pigs make decent deterrents as well.
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    Mar 10, 2013
    I also had a hawk rip the back open to the meat and plucked the entire back a buff orpington hen of mine, my rooster saved her. He lost a tail feather in the fight, but he saved her... If you can get a rooster, they are very helpful in protecting their hens. I have heard that the dark cornish roos will stop at nothing to protect their girls.
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    Those hawks are very efficient predators aren't they?

    He likely though that the hawk standing on the hen's back was another rooster trying to rape his hen.

    The rooster thinks the same thing every time you catch a hen in an ungentle fashion and she struggles, squawks, and flaps her wings in panic. Then how do we repay the poor rooster for coming to the aid of the hen? Why by wringing his neck and eating him, that's how.
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    Hi all:

    I have also had some issues with hawks...lost three baby chicks to hawks a month ago..none of my big birds have been taken yet....Here's my two cents...

    a) the only thing that will chase a hawk away is a bigger hawk
    b) if the habitat is good for hawks, then killing the hawk will only lead to another one moving in....
    c) tried the CD thing....it didn't work....
    d) you can make a protector by cutting a 2x4 into four legs and mounting them to a 4x8 plywood...the chooks will run under it if a hawk comes around...a hawk will not land and try to walk under the plywood...
    e) plant thickets of bushes for the birds to hide/hang in...I plan on English laurel, blackberries....hawks will not try to enter the the thicket to get to the chooks...
    f) I also laid some pallets against the fence to create a spot for the chooks to hide under.....
    My strategy is to hawk proof my yard as best I can and hope my roos are alert enough to sound the warning...
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    Jan 11, 2014
    I being a licensed falconer in the state of California own a red tail any raptor if given the opportunity will go after a chicken or other bird you are keeping but the best way to solve that is not to take matters into your own hands and shoot the bird because you can be fined up to $25000 and spend 5 years in jail and its just plain messed up so the best way to deter raptors it's to put a cover over your chicken pens also accept you are going to lose birds it's nature you have to respect that also just use reflective tape and or plastic owls and move them every evening

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