What to do if electric goes out.


7 Years
Mar 30, 2012
SE Missouri
Anyone have a trick of what to do if the electric is knocked out in a storm and yureggs ar in the bator?
WE are due for a strong one Sundayand. Its my biggest fear as i am on day 8 today with the hatch.
AT what low temp for how long does something have to be done abut the eggs cooling
I was thinkning I have some heating pads for dogs called SnuggleSafe. They are hard plastic disk and heat in the microwave Stays warm for 5 hours if wrapped up in a towel or blanket well. I was thinking if it would get crucial i would just use them Might save the eggs JUst warm them up when the storm is close to hitting and wrap them well for later use that day in case.
Cant regulate the temp of them but some warmth might be better than none.
Another idea...Put them under my shirt and keep them warm ?.We are 98.6 so its not really a good temp but maybe better than nothing. Wish i could get my dog to lay still they are about 100-101 i think normally.
JUst trying to prepare with some ideas i n case. WE usuallyget a thunder storm a week in the summer
Any other suggestions? I am open to any
The SnuggleSafe disks sound like a good idea. What you can also do is cover you incubator with a blanket, just make sure you keep the vents open. It won't be a disaster if the eggs cool down a bit, I've had eggs go ice cold only to hatch out fine later. Good luck!
As long as it doesn't go out for very long you are fine. Its warm out now. You don't want to cover up the air holes. Remember a hen will get off the nest at least once a day and she isn't covering them up, unless its a call duck, mine always covered her eggs. Good luck.
I'm sure they'll be fine. Have faith
I remember reading here about one member who's incubator got turned off by mistake for 24 hours and the chicks hatched. They are tough little things.
So don't worry! Hopefully your electricity won't go off... Fingers crossed!

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