What to do! Incubating Duck Eggs Day 25, One STRANGE EGG alive but very small duckling inside!!


9 Years
Apr 7, 2014
I am incubating pekin duck eggs. I have had the temp. between 99.3-99.5, humidity 45%-55%, with 65% ambient humidity in room. They have all been growing steady and air cells are almost all 1/3 the size where it needs to be. I noticed a few days ago one of the eggs still was showing blood vessels at days 20-25 and very small growth. Almost called it a dud but it visibly keeps twitching/moving. I have a seperate hatcher where the eggs are placed already. I left this one in the incubator not sure what to do. Any help or advice on what could be wrong with this egg?? Running out of time for this little one.

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