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    So I work at a restaurant with a pond behind it. There are lots of ducks that live in this pond. A lot of Pekins, a lot of Mallards, I've seen some khakis too. They're drop-offs and non migrating wild ducks that never leave because people are stupid and irresponsible. All the bread and unbeaten dinner rolls get fed to these ducks. They are malnourished and harassed by bratty kids...ugh. the other day I noticed one of the Pekins floating (dead) in the pond. Who knows what happened but I absolutely love pekins and was upset. I noticed today that a different Pekin female was limping. Looking closer her left leg is red and swollen. It also looks bumpy. Couldn't get a picture it was getting dark. She is getting around ok for now but it's probably only a matter of time until she can't. I want to go get her but I have a few concerns.
    1. She seems to pal around with a drake mallard. I know ducks are monogamous for one breeding season and then typically move on. Will they be depressed if I split them up? Breeding is over for the year.
    2. I have two drakes (Pekin and Cayuga) at home that are best buds. Will bringing a female to the house mess things up? I don't want them fighting.
    3. Is it worth the effort? I'm sort of hoping it's just a minor infection that will heal up after some antibiotics from tractor supply, some Epsom salt soaks, and some TLC. Then I think, even if I can't heal her and she gets worse, I could cull her humanely so she doesn't suffer.

    I'd like to hear some thoughts/advice. Because if I'm going to do something, it going to have to be soon. Thanks!

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    As a kid, my mom often took me to a countryside restaurant that also had a duck pond with lots of ducks. but the ducks were maintained by the restaurant owners for eggs and meat, perhaps as a side biz? This is what introduced me to ducks and I've been in love ever since.

    The solution in my opinion is all about the setup. 1. The first thing I would do is ask the owner if he'd be willing to invest in a 3ft wire fence, just in one small area to give the ducks some peace from the kids... shouldnt run more than 20 or $30

    2. Secondly, I notice your profile says PA. I live in lehigh valley area and it has been bitterly cold here lately. I would find an old used large doghouse/chicken coop/outside storage bin to give them some sort of shelter from the snow and wind during the coldest days. you could look on the app Offerup or craigslist.

    3. Finally, if you wanted to go the extra step, it would be nice to offer them some duck food every now and then. a $9 50lb bag once a month or so... every little bit helps. Of course i understand we all have responsibilities and can't start taking up others.

    4. also, as a rule of thumb, you never want to keep more drakes than there are hens. Unless, the drakes are mature seniors, and even then it can get aggressive.

    5. much better chance of healing with these conditions. As for antibiotics I strongly suggest Blue-kote, also available at tractor supply

    Good luck! and take some pics! :)
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  3. I would contact animal control and report the unhealthy Birds......Possibly no one has ever reported the situation and it goes on.....Once a report is filed, someone will go out to check on the conditions these Birds are forced to live in....

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    great way to get fired tho
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    She is used to being with buddies so you must make sure she has others however,
    the recommended ratio is multiple females to one drake. Your ratio would be the opposite.
    Finally, if your helping a feathered friend it's always worth the effort. ;)

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