What to do once they hatch?!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by horseemom, Aug 1, 2008.

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    Okay, so if Momma Duck (Pekin) manages to hatch these eggs when is the best time to swipe them away and put them in the brooder to start taming and selling? I swiped 2 chicks from a "wild" chicken a few years ago and they died that night (wet from the grass? Not warmed up fast enough?), I am not sure if there is some protocol when they are not incubator chicks? Any tips much appreciated.

    She was SO upset when one egg got swiped, I am not sure how she will be when her babies get swiped [​IMG] I am in the process of "temporary fencing" her nest site to protect her and the nest, but when a flock of little squeaky fuzzzies are patrolling they won't last long I am sure (eagles, racoons, cats...). Of course she goes broody when they are between homes The chickens moved into their house and we are planning on building a duck house with it's own yard, so they are in our fenced back yard with the dog for the time being. Can anyone say squeak toys!? The dog protects and gets along well with the ducks and snuggled them as ducklings, but that was in the house when it was clear they were family![​IMG]

    Anyway, tips on swiping the hatchlings much appreciated![​IMG]
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    They should do OK if you are providing the proper brooding environment. She definately won't like it if you steal her babies - maybe doing it when it's dark will help keep her calmer?

    Be sure to house the babies with heat lamps - around 90 degrees the first week, lowering temps 5 degrees each week until they get around 5-6 weeks old. Have the brooder setup with the lamp on one end and an area where they can escape from the heat if it gets too hot for them. Also for ducks, they have to have a waterer they can dip their bills into to keep their nostrils clean - they will make a mess...

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