What to do? Possible Marek's Disease, not sure :/


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3 chickens/8-10 weeks old = (1- Cuckoo Maran / 2- Barred Rock)

symptoms = (swollen sinus, squeaky, occasional sneezing) One of the Barred Rocks is showing paralysis in one leg.

I have isolated the three of them---all together

4 days/3 nights treating with the following:

  1. in water = apple cider vinegar, antibiotic, vet Rx, Wazine-10, vitamin drops
  2. in medicated chick feed = turmeric (herb)
  3. by mouth = low dose asprin mixed with hypericum(herb)

  • the sinus symptoms seem to have improved.
  • they are eating extremely well.
  • drinking plenty of water

When do I assume they are well enough to go back with my other chickens?
Will they totally recover?
Is Marek's the only sickness involving paralysis?

*****these were purchased from someone who'd bought them at co-op......probably vaccinated******
I'll help as best as I can from what you've gathered:

1. Does the one Barred Rock with paralysis have the other symptoms you listed as well, or is paralysis the only thing it is exhibiting?

2. Are all of those medications mixed in one waterer/solution? If so, then that won't help as they may react together, either in harmful way or in a way that will cancel each other out and thus not have any effect, especially with the herb combinations. Mixing also affects the dosing of each medication.

3. The medicated chick feed and Wazine will not help. The medication in the chick feed does not help respiratory infections or any other disease. It is only as a means to help chicks build an immunity to Coccidiosis. The Wazine is a wormer. That won't help the respiratory issues. If you were thinking that killing any worms that they may have to keep them from getting worse, then you'll want to rethink that. It's just going to overload their systems.

4. From the sound of it, and as I have mentioned before, they have some kind of respiratory infection. What kind, I'm not sure as there are many. But it sounds like Conjunctivitis from the sinus swelling, though it could also be CRD, Mycoplasma, or IB, just to name some major ones.

5. Botulism is another disease that causes paralysis.

6. No they will not totally recover. If the one really does have Marek's then it will most likely die. If it some how makes it, then it will be a carrier and shed the virus, however the chances are slim as there is no cure for Marek's. Same goes for the others with the respiratory issues. The symptoms may go away, but they will be carriers of the disease for life, and can spread it to the rest of your flock.

Also, what kind of "antibiotic" are you giving?
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I am currently using:

LS 50 Pfizer Animal Health


Just prior to starting this antibiotic all the swelling they had was almost completely gone. I have had them on this med now for about 60 hours mixing only in water. They are no longer consuming the medicated chick feed.

There is some sneezing and what I call squeakiness.

I have been hearing the praises of using Hypericum perforatum- aka/St. John's Wort. I want to try it to see how much better that works. We have a small local herbal store and I plan to go see if they carry it before ordering online. (they have had other uncommon items that I have purchased there before)

I did purchase the Spring Valley brand at Wal-Mart......I used it prior to trying the antibiotic...that is when the sinus swelling went down. want to try the Homeopathy grade, which is what I have read really works.

With the leg on the one Barred Rock....it is strange......it will use it sometimes, having me think it is well......the all of a sudden it will curl its claws up and walk on the "elbow" area of its leg.

Thanks so much for any/all advice given......I just want my girls feeling better ;)
one of my chicks walked on the "elbow" area of her leg as you say and , she eventually died

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