What to do, WAY overdue eggs ?

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    Oct 28, 2009
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    When my parakeets bred the first time everything went almost perfectly !! NOW the eggs are almost a week or 2 overdue ! A baby from the last breeding ( now maturing, lost most of the head bars now) has been going in the nest box for like the past 2 weeks and, well I assumed, helping with incubation. Today . ..

    Today I wake up and see BLOOD ALL OVER !! on the perches, on the nestbox and all in bloody little footprints ! I look in the box to see half an egg covered in blood, the membrane was bloody too and I didn't find a body. Later in the day, I notice that the hen had thrown out an egg. I opened it. It was never fertile. I looked at ALL the birds feet to see if any were obviously bloody. I couldn't find a suspect

    A week earlier a egg dropped when I looked in the box, it was cracked by the fall so I opened it . .. It had a good healthy growing chick. No smell

    Should I leave the 3 eggs that are left ?? Or should I remove them and hope for better luck next time
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    Mar 22, 2011
    they are no good and leaving the baby in was a mistake shes prolly in condition to breed and that's were the fighting came in.
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    i just tossed days ago, some about month over due to hatch with rest eggs, and some rotten, most infertile and fine, and one that instead of breaking open bounced all around the sink then rolled around sqweaking at me.. i felt terrible, but opened up expecting the worst either way, but surprisingly it was a fully looking already dried baby bird. its now fine healthy, and actually seems to get more food than rest of chicks that are almost feathered out, and growing so much faster, though all always are full withing minutes of the first peeping for food, as both parents stuff them and one foster from another nest that was starved. so you never know i guess! "santa's little helper" seems to be an albino like the first to hatch of clutch, and mother. i wonder how it made it incubating, or was just slow to hatch as was pushed off into corner with others eggs, and just getting heat from bumbling brethren, and nest box itself, as well as heat vent off to side of cage maybe.

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