What to do when DH is an enabler???


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My new MPC chicks came on Feb. 23. Four sexed bantam chicks, because I only want pullets. They've been doing really well. The brooder is in the TV room so that they get maximum exposure to us, the cats and dogs. I've been working with them daily trying to tame them, and we've made lots of progress.

So today we're in Tractor Supply buying dog, cat, and chick food, and DH calls me over to look at two tiny bantams (much smaller than our little silkies) in a huge display tank by themselves. "Ahhh…they're so cute," I gush, and then I walk quickly away, putting my emotional blinders on. I'm a planner; I certainly don't need any more chicks, especially chicks that probably have better than a 50% chance of being roos. Besides, I don't believe in impulse purchases of animals. I shove the mental picture of the adorable tiny creatures out of my head and begin looking for our brand of dog food.

DH comes down the aisle. "But they're all alone," he says. "We have room for two more tiny little bantams." I patiently ask "Honey, and what will we do with them if they're roosters?" "There's just as much chance that they'll be hens," he counters, "and Earl (our d'uccle man of the yard) won't mind another rooster if one turned out that way. Besides, they look like girls to me anyway." This from a man who from time to time has to ask me what breeds our hens are.

"Honey, it doesn't matter anyway," I jump on this quickly. "They only sell chicks if you buy six. It says so right on the sign." I'm SO relieved that TS has a purchase minimum of six chicks. "But those two little ones are all alone. I'll bet they'll sell them," he replies with confidence, and off he goes to ask. I've read enough BYC experiences with TS chick sales to KNOW I'm safe from DH's temptation.

Well CRAP if he doesn't come back a few minutes later looking all triumphant, announcing that they will indeed sell us those two little banties!!! He looks so happy and hopeful. CRAP! CRAP! CRAP! Why would they bend this rule???

So now we're up two tiny bantams that I have no idea of the breed, both probably darned roosters!!! Each had blue kote or something similar on one foot, and one a spot high on its beak, I guess where they'd been getting pecked??? That blue stuff practically glows under our red lamp, so I've had to separate them from my chicks who are week older until the areas heal (or fade) because my older chicks started pecking at the blue areas. Aahhhh!!! I still don't know what got into DH - but no more TS for him until chick season is over…
I sent DH to TSC today, one in a million chance. He normally won't go at all! I though oh heck, he's going to come home with chicks. Nope- he didn't even LOOK at them! (DANG, I was counting on him caving in.....)
I better stay out of TSC,because the 6 chick rule is what prevents me from getting anymore. I only want 2 and would HOPE one is a rooster since ours died.

Only option I can think of is to not shop at TSC with dh when the chicks are there.More so towards the end of the chick sales when they are all so dirty and marked down....really tugging at you to save them.
I WISH my DH was an enabler!! The only thing he ever says in NO NO NO!!!!! I did take a different tact this time, I TOLD him I was getting more chicks and that that was the end. He said nothing!! Yay me!
Don't get me wrong, I'm happy that DH enjoys "my" chickens. And I know I have a great fella in supporting my love of animals. But I'd been planning on just 3-4 bantams since December, maybe before December...because I'm a planner. I guess I'd feel better about it if I'd stuck them in the brooder and everyone got along famously. But of course that didn't happen, so now I have to deal with keeping them separated for a while. Oh well, hopefully it'll all work out in the end. DH has named them Joy and Katalina (from "My Name is Earl)...so I'll try to be optimistic that they're both pullets at least.
Or maybe I could get my roosterless brother to take one if I end up with roos...
my husband says i can get two silkies right? well the feed store will be ordering six...minimum order from the hatchery. i only plan on two but tell hubs there will be six to choose from and he says...well why not get all six then? are you kidding me?!?!!? i feel ya...i have four big girls...four two week old babies and now he wants six more babies? what will i do with this man?

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