What to do when mixing the crew!


9 Years
May 6, 2010
I have been given some birds and wanted to add to them but its not going well

first i was given from one owner 5 birds bantam

(blue) the lavender aruacana seems lovely handled kind bird
wyandotte partridge(kevin) who has 3 younger birds(the vultures) in tow. they dont seem to grow much in last 6 weeks very leggy there are pics on my page. have a look i thought they were partridge but they just arent filling out or going fluffy at all.

kevin the wp is im guessing being mom still and she is nasty to everyone she is skitty runs off but as my coop is 5ft x 6ft she is easily caught so at the moment i cant let them free roam yet till they are catchable or herdable. cats around here are terrible theyd soon have the littler ones away. so i would need to be home and them be able to put them in quickly lol hmmm that not happening.

I added yesterday night a light sussex very quiet bird friendly too. in the coop i looked she was on the bars the rest sleep in one nest box. and blue sleeps on own in the other. I filled pen with meal worms and left overs but guess what kevin and the vultures have been at her they hunt her out and beat her silly its sooo naughty. the LS is sitting bleeding comb up the corner with her head between her legs protecting herself. When is it the pecking order and when is it cruelty lolol

i stuck kev and the vultures in the coop and blue and the ls are in the pen.

I think her motherly instinct is causing alot of problems within the group im guessing this is why they were freebies.
Due to my coop and pen being suitable for just 5 birds space and escaping bullying is quite difficult.
i decided to annoy my husband that bit more today and extend the space right down the garden in the hope that the more space she has the further she can avoid them.

when i remove the 3 from kevin they making an awful squealling noise to each other so seperating her and them isnt a option in my quiet neighbourhood.
I was thinking of selling the 3 babies at auction in a hope she may get better.
What do you all think??

if she was a broody and these are her chicks now they must be 16 wks or older. ive had them 3 weeks my sister had them 3 wks and they were this size then

why are they still so protective

can someone tell me if they recognise the breed? the feathers are what looks like partridge but the body is more gamey and small.

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