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    Aug 11, 2015
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    Here is my situation: I board my horses by renting a small pasture and barn, and my chickens live there, too. There is another boarder with a pony that lives with our horses and she got some chicks for her kids last Easter when she saw my chickens. The issue is that since the chicks came to live at the barn (almost a year now) she has never bought them food, or equipment such as waterers, or even a coop. They are living in one of the horse stalls and using my equipment and eating my feed. Yesterday she tells me she wants more chickens. Smh. I’m not good at confrontation, but this is getting irritating. What is the best way to approach her about taking care of her own birds?
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    Oct 20, 2017
    Wow... Um, I may not give out the best advice, but how about just politely telling her she needs to care for her birds, and that you don't want to anymore? That's not sugar-coating anything, but it's honest--and hopefully will solve the problem--and can be done in a nice, friendly way. :)
    Or, why not talk to the owner of the property about it? Those are all I can think of, sorry. But I hope you come up with a good solution, and are able to stay on good terms with her. :hugs
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    What @Better Than Rubies suggests is probably the best. But if you want a less confrontational (perhaps passive aggressive?) approach, give her a call tomorrow, sound really apologetic and a bit desperate, and say the chickens are out of feed and you can't make it by the feed store. Ask her if she would mind swinging by the store and picking up a "few bags." Don't say anything about money. See what happens.
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