What to do with broody hen hatched chicks?


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Jun 28, 2009
Hey all, my broody is still sitting on her eggs, but i just want to know before they come out. If the chicks hatch out, do i take them and put them in a separate brooder from the hen, or do i make a brooder and isolate the hen and her chicks from the rest of our girls? I don't want the other chickens near the chicks because i don't trust my chickens to leave them alone... what should i do? usually if people hatched from an incubator, then it's the brooder, but i'm having a broody hen sit on them?
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I would either seperate her and the egss before they hatch or block off an area in the coop if you have room. Is this her first brood? If so keep any eye on her to make sure she doesn't harm them. I have heard that some first time mama's don't take to the babies. If she rejects them then put them in a brooder with heat lamp. I didnt have that problem. Mine was great and I'm sure yours will be too. Good luck. It's so heart warming to see mama with her babies.
Thanks for the advice! This Amelia's first brood, and so far she's done a great job sitting on her eggs!
I'm just not sure if she will take care of the chicks, so I guess I will see what happens. Hopefully she will be a good mom!
my first broody hen has 3 chicks its been a rough ride, her sister got jelous and cracked open all the eggs just 3 days before hatching, poor mummy chick was so upsat calling and searching for them afterwards so i got her three chicks not she is the best mum in the world stays with them 24/7 in there own home seperate from her sister who is a bit mean to say the least !
Ohh, I'm sorry to hear that chickchicks, but it's nice to know that your girl still has some chicks to take care of!
I've been mulling over the same thing.... I have a broody hen currently hatching eggs (2 hatched and a couple starting to)... I've got her in a small dog kennel in my rabbitry shed with the door open and food/water available. What I'm concerned with is the age of some of the eggs. I am worried that she will sit too long on the oldest eggs, and not get food/water for the babies. Should I let her hatch whats there for 2-3 days and then remove any remaining eggs? Or should I brood the chicks away from her until she's done then bring the older chicks back to her? Hmm.. maybe I just need a broody box with light and water so the chicks can fend for themselves and still be with mom..... never mind!
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She'll probably do a great job of raising them - nature seems to tell them what to do. My first broody ever just hatched out 7 chicks last week and even though she was a brooder raised chick herself so never had a mama, she is doing a great job of raising her chicks.

I separated her into her own coop and run as soon as she started sitting. It is a 4x4 A-Frame coop with a 6x4 attached wire run, so although she was segregated, she was still able to see, hear and talk to the rest of the flock while she sat. Once the chicks hatched, they also can see the other hens but are safe from them. This has been a really good set up for us, as it also allows me to continue feeding layer feed to the rest of the flock, and provide grower to Mama and chicks. Mama Hen is getting cabin fever and wants to be out with the rest of the flock now but between our cat, and the other hens, I'm not ready to take the risk yet. I want to wait at least another week, and then only let the cat out at night when they are safely sleeping under her.

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