What to do with bully?

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by cambriagardener, Apr 28, 2009.

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    I have six four-week-old chicks: RIR, Buff Orpington, Americana, Golden-laced Wyandotte, Silver-laced Wyandotte, and a Barred Rock. The Silver-laced Wyandotte acts crazy (since day one). She keeps the brooder in chaos! Attacks the other chicks, won't let them eat. Should I try to find her a home (who would ever want her) or raise her separately and give her a chance?[​IMG]
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    Separate her for a few days. Make a separate section in the brooder for her if you can. I have read several times here that when a chicken is reintroduced after being separated a while, they are then at the bottom of the pecking order. Might solve the problem -- I hope.

    Good luck!

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    I'd suggest keeping her for a while. You can try isolating her, preferably with the other chicks still in the brooder. If you can put a wire cage over her or divide the brooder where she cannot physically get to the other chicks, she might grow out of it. She will need her own food and water. Expect her to chirp really loudly as they are social creatures and she wants to be with the others, even if it is just to peck them. You can also try to raise her totally separately for a few days and try to reintroduce her.

    At some point, it may be best for your well being as well as the other chicks to try to rehome her. You've put up with it for 4 weeks. Maybe you can wait another few days.
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    I think everyone else answered your question.

    From California
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    [​IMG]I'm feeling better. Thanks for your support. I'm going to isolate her for a couple of days to see if she calms down. Then perhaps reintroduce her to my little "flock". If that doesn't work I'll give it a few weeks until she's fully feathered out then find her a home on a free range ranch. She obviously needs a lot of space!

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