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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Kidhenduckohmy, May 4, 2016.

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    Warning...just a rant...
    So, I have read and re-read my zoning rules and I can find nothing that says I can not keep chickens or a rooster. But I found out I will be receiving a call from the zoning person because she received two complaints about my roosters being too loud.
    I have overlooked a lot of things over the years: delapated houses, junk in yards, unmowed yards, endlessly barking dogs, roaring motorcycles, thieving children stealing tools and gas, snowmobiles running through front yard, dogs pooping in my yard... never complained. Figured just to let it be as they are my neighbors. And now I have to deal with this.... grrr....

    I am being told it wakes them up, problem is that are all locked away from dusk to about 7:15. Later on the weekends. You can not even hear the roosters past first two houses when locked up.
    If nothing is in zoning book, can they make you get rid of them? I just purchased an incubator, now it will be useless.
    I am worried. And ticked. Most my neighbors like the chickens. I have been told some like the roosters too, one being the house across the street. Reminds him of when he was young.
    Just worried about what zoning will say. First I am asking her where does it say I can not keep chickens, because I can not find it in the book.

    You know...I am not giving my eggs away anymore...or letting little neighbor boys "collect" eggs. They can just stay away. :( maybe I will get a goose to bite everyone in the butt.
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    The authorities like to push their weight and tell peeps what to do. They will tell you that it is a nuisance issue. Only thing you can do is try to find out who is complaining.(not easy) And then give them some of their medicine. If their grass is too long, tell zoning that it affects your hayfever. If there is debris in their property, do same.
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    Without knowing a town or city it's hard to tell. I'd look up 'chicken laws' in your city.
  4. Kidhenduckohmy

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    Thats just it....there is nothing. I am zoned residential. Under residential it says agricultural and specialized farming is allowed with stipulations. The only one listed is 100 feet from the road.
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    You might try posting in the Michigan Chat thread, post your town and county and ask if anyone local might have a suggestion.

    "....it says agricultural and specialized farming is allowed with stipulations......"
    That might be their loophole.

    Many municipalities allow chickens with the caveat 'unless complaints are received'.
    I'd ask the zoning person for it in writing, you may face fines or worse.

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