What to do with egg after chickens have hatched????


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Sep 30, 2018
Hey I’m Layla!

It’s my hens first time hatching out chicks. She is broody and is sitting on 4 eggs and one of the eggs has hatched. It’s fully out of the eggshell and I’m now wondering what to do with the egg shell? I don’t want it to take up space underneath her or it to cut the other chicks when they hatch. The mother ate a bit of it but the rest is under her.
i like to keep them all on a shelf to remember the beautiful moment :) you can take the egg out whenever you want after the chick is out, just make sure not to disturb the others :D
Thanks for the advise! :)
Or when I go to check on them and remove the shells i sit them aside and bask in the beauty of the new chicks while the dog comes in and steals the shells I set aside.... hes such a booger![/QUOTE
Hey thanks for your feedback!
I was wondering if you knew how long you should wait before you pick them up and stuff?:jumpy

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