what to do with goose eggs?


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13 Years
Apr 7, 2010
i have 2 geese, bought as male and female but seem to be getting 9 eggs a week so think its 2 females...thus my plan on incubating these eggs has gone out the window.

so what can i use the eggs for? i dont fancy eating them (people said the texture/taste is very different from chicken eggs)

tried selling them to reg customers but they dont want them either......any other ideas gladly welcome!
They are lovely when blown out. You can decorate the inside with little miniatures. I like to make little farm scenes in them. To make them a little stronger and fancier after blowing out the shell and (carefully) cutting the viewing hole, I paint white glue on the outside and roll them in white glitter. Just be creative and have fun with them.

If you're not interested in that, you may want to contact any local hobby stores, they will sometimes pay nicely for clean, blown out shells.

ETA: and get a gander so you can have more and more and more............ lol
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Yes I too used to sell to a local hobby shop and I noticed that they weren't moving there (the first ones were still on display weeks later). After the season was over I learned that he was shipping the ones he brought from me for $0.50/each off to a wholesaler for $1 and up depending on the size. If you can't find a market locally try googleing "Goose Eggs for crafts" and contact the places to see if theyare interested in buying. You will be doing very well if you can get them to pay you half of what they are selling them for. It is usual practice for them to ask for samples before agreeing to buy.
BTW if you blow them clean and sanitary, the Whites and Yokes removed can still be eaten, If you add extra water or milk to cut the richness of goose eggs, they are great scrambled! If they aren't for you, the cooked eggs are a great supplement for pets or poultry as the provide everything needed for growth.

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