What to do with my BEAUTIFUL ROO?

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    So here goes!
    We've had hens before, Years ago. We inherited three adult sex links, kept them in the doghouse, fed them basic feed and table scraps, collected eggs, end of story. Simple.
    Now however (Well let's just say, when I found this website I was soooo relieved I wasn't the only one out there) is much different. Last spring we decided to get the granddaughters a couple of chicks (Emily/Bard Rock&Chirpy/RIR), three Weeks later, the hubby and I decided that we too would get a couple of chicks of our own ("Bloomers"/Black Aussie&Gertrude/Buff Orphinton).
    Bloomers got her name For her big legs feathered as if she wore bloomers;) BTW, We are thinking black jersey instead of black Aussie.
    Long story short, Bloomers, became Emu, a big beautiful 16 pound beast of a Roo! Keep in mind, Gertrude (end of the pecking order) Is Emus best friend.
    Here is my dilemma(s) #1. Emu Lives within city limits But neighbors on both sides were raised with chickens and don't mind his very vocal ways. There are two more roosters in the area so maybe not a problem?
    #2. And this is my real dilemma. Emu only loves one human being and that would be me. And he has captured my heart as well, as I get to share in his loving ways, in his parental side, Which fascinates me and I respect this animal more than anyone will ever know! Emu Is a wonderful rooster to his little flock... well, he could use a bigger flock that's for sure;)
    We realize we should have re homed him months ago, but didn't for Gertrud's sake. I Read an article a while back from a man on BYC, I believe, On how to keep your rooster sain. I followed his advice to a tee. It has worked as far as I am concerned, very well indeed. Everyone else though, won't and continue to be afraid of him. He's done nothing wrong. He's a rooster for God sake!
    What to do?
    Re-home the Fam?

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    Yes, re-home the family.
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    Re-homing may be a good idea. I know you want the best for all of them.

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