What to do with my new Tom Turkey (Bronze)

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by mjolly, Jul 2, 2008.

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    Apr 7, 2008
    This evening, I picked up 4 beautiful BO's from a local woman who will be moving back into the city and can no longer keep her hens. They are really pretty and I look forward to some fresh eggs soon! Yumm! My 9-12 week olds will not be laying for some time and this will be an early treat for us!

    Along with the hens, the lady was getting rid of a Bronze tom turkey, 1 year old or so. He's big! She threw him in free! I couldn't say no....or should I have? Hmmm. I am definitely wondering what to do with this one now. I segregated the new hens and turkey by themselves - quarantine and all but they can all see each other. In with my pullets, I have a white broad-breasted turkey which will be joining us for thanksgiving dinner, if you get my meaning!

    The two turkey's did NOT like each other. They were both all puffed up and ready to confront one another! I had thought the white one was a female, but now I am not so sure...although it really doesn't matter, it will taste good either way.

    My problem is what to do with the bronze turkey! I am planning to go to a local swap at the feed store to find a new home for a 12 week old cockrel I have. Should I take the Tom turkey along with me as well to sell? I am considering this seriously! If I do decide to take him, how much do you think he is worth? I obviously got him free, but ????

    Please le tme know what you think. Iam trying to decide.


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    Well if your white is used to being top turkey, it could still be a she. My girls will puff up and act male-like when they are trying to show how tough they are to a newbie.

    For price at the market, I'd say $30, but I have been know to underprice my birds, so I'd see what other people say.

    You have one option which you forgot to mention. Since he is a year old and fairly well grown, you could have a 4th of July turkey dinner [​IMG]

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