What to do with my roos


7 Years
Oct 8, 2012
I have one Rhode Island Red and one Speckled Sussex rooster that I need to get rid of very soon. I only wanted hens but out of the eight pullets I paid for I got three cockerels. I need to get rid of the two because they'll be almost 5 months soon... I put them on Craigslist & I have put a flyer up in my local Agway and Tractor Supply. I need to get rid of them soon and I don't know what to do, any ideas?
I think craigslist, your local bulletin boards and the free section of this site are going to be your best options. It may take a little time to find a good home.

If it were me personally I would process and eat them. You could give them to an animal shelter but will have to pay a fee and they will likely be euthanized so you might as well eat them if that is your only option.
I would handwrite an ad with a photo and Color photo copy it. Then I would place it on the mailboxes and slip it into the free papers. I would also post lots of ads on the Internet. People want to know age, breed, personality and reason for rehoming. I often offer free delivery ( within reason) as I like to check out the new home.

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