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1 have kept my chickens in a large stationary coop for some time know. My neighbor however has begun to complain about my rooster, I can't even hear him from my own house. Anyway I got hold of a small coop to put him in the only Probelm is he doesn't like Being seperate from the ladies. Now I'm thinking I should buy a whole other coop that's smaller yet movable for all of my chickens. They do get free range for at least a few hours a day. Is my best bet just getting rid of the rooster or should I maybe get a movable coop. I spent about $300 making my staionary coop

Where they live now is the picture up top
The movable one is below that. It says its for 3-4 chickens and I have 5. Is it large enough?
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He won't be happy by himself, whether he can see the others or not. If you have to put up with a neighbor like that, you'd probably better try to find him a new home. I'm sorry, that is just silly, IMO. Barking dogs are often louder than roosters. But then, I love to hear a rooster crow.
Are you allowed to have roosters where you live? If so, your neighbor may need to suck it up and deal. If not, you need to get rid of the rooster.
I hate to say it but it sounds like maybe you should re-home your rooster. I'm on the same boat. I have neighbors complaining about my roo's all the time now. I'm thinking about finding them new homes and just keep my hens.
I've only had one neighbor complain, after I told him my roosters are mild to his music I can hear inside my house, he decided to call the police on my frank( who I must admit is my loudest boy) about a week ago the sheriffs came out, and checked it out himself I happened to be outside cleaning up, and he was so nice. Said when he got the complaint it said we where in the city limits (and we are not) while he was there frank gave him some very nice crows (he was very impressed that he could crow time after time lol) when I asked him if I had to get rid of him, he told me NO... Then right as he was leaving my lovely neighbor had his music on, so he got the full effect of what I get to hear every Friday and Saturday all day long and sometimes till two or three in the morning... Not only did he take care of the loud music, he's come over to buy some eggs for his wife (who sent him over on his day off to ask if I'd sell them some eggs) they then spread the word in the local police department and two came over this morning to buy eggs for thier family's (so I'm rather happy with my silly neighbor he's helped my egg sales) I know have two more on a waiting list for eggs. Maybe I should buy more chicks..lol
You are allowed to have roosters where I live
Then your neighbor needs to get over it. When you live in a rural area rural noises come with the territory and that includes roosters crowing. I just can't see you going to all the expense and effort because one person gets upset hearing a rooster crow. And if you are allowed roosters and you want one, that is your right. That neighbor should be glad if that's the worst complaint he can come up with about you!
He's not going to want to exept being alone. You should put him with the girls. The coop that holds 3 - 4 chickens should be good for 5 chickens. If you are aloud to have roosters where you live your neighbors have no right to tell you that u cant keep your own chicken. I think if you are out of city limits you should be able to keep him. At my house I am out of city limits and allmost all my neighbors have atleast 1 rooster so I have no experience with this problem. I do know he wont want to be alone, and that coop should work. I hope you can kep our rooster.
Good Luck!
If you are not free ranging in rougher country for long periods of the day, you really don't need a rooster. It might be better to keep the peace and keep your chickens by getting rid of the rooster. While you may have the right to keep the rooster, some roosters are very noisy, and not always at the right time of the day. Getting along with your neighbors is a good social skill to have.

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