What to do with one surviving chicken?


8 Years
Mar 4, 2011
Yesterday my German Shepherd got into my chicken coop and killed my entire flock of Rhode Island Red Hens, except one. Is it OK to only have one chicken in the coop? Or will she get depressed and stop laying eggs? Should I introduce new hens? If so, how many would be appropriate as to not overwhelm the one remaining chicken?
I'm not sure real sure how the chicken math works someone else will help you on this but I think you have to get twice as many chickens as you lost in order for it to work just my 2 cents.. Sorry for your loss.
First, sorry for you loss. Second,
I would get her some more chicken friends. They are flock birds and can get lonely. Quarantine the new birds before you put them in with her, and I would at least get as many as I lost.
she may stop laying for awhile...mine did when a raccoon got two of them. I am sure you know this but before you get new birds you should check how the dog got in and secure or find a way to pen the dog.....something so you do not just feed the pooch again. Sorry for your loss. I would watch that dog though. he will prob try again.
We had 1 rooster when I was growing up and he was fine. He figured us people were his flock. He flogged my dad a few times but never touched us kids or Mom. My mom had a single hen later on and she was just fine. She didn't produce a lot of eggs but we didn't care. She was a pet and a happy girl!
Or give the lone chicken to a friend while you rebuild your coop and replace your flock. I've taken in a few loners over the years and it's worked out well for them! Well other than my flock getting wiped out by a stray dog when they were free ranging. I have eggs in the bator from the deceased hens due to hatch in 1 week!
I totally agree with elmo AND bordergurl...Fix your coop FIRST, or getting new birds won't matter - as you'll constantly be getting new birds. I would not replace the whole flock unless you give the lone girl to someone else. That would be overwhelming to your lone original girl. One chicken will be lonely - they're flock animals. So after you've fixed your security problem, I'd either try just one bird with her (somewhat close to her age), or give her away and restart with a new flock.
from Ohio. Can't say I've ever tried to keep just one hen, could work I suppose, just send that dog to obedience school.
I think if you really want a chicken for a pet, a single one would be the way to go, as you become a member of the flock, with her not having any other social life, she'll look to you.

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