What to do with unintended cockerels?


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May 22, 2015
Southern California
I have four chicks that are around 5 weeks old and so far 2 appear to be cockerels , I was only wanting pullets for eggs , i'm pretty new to having chickens and I'm starting to grow attached , I live in so-cal so rehoming is a iffy thing right now .. plus I have 23 more eggs incubating I'm sure i'll end up with more cockerels ahh ...
Echo and charlie in a few months will become less endering when they start fighting and drawing blood on eachother and then eventually maybe even you.
All those roosters are going to be disasterous to your egg plans and your hens.
You can try to give them away on craigs list or advertize at your local feed and farm stores. You might get some takers for some.
i cull all my extra roosters in the fall when the hormones kick in and trouble starts.
Good luck!
I am glad you are seriously considering removing them from your flock. Often times new people want some magic bullet, where as they will all be nice, and be friends forever. Roosters, as a long time poster, AArt says, is where the romance meets reality.

More than likely you will have 11-13 at least with you eggs hatching. A plan is important.
no, roosters and kids are not a good mix... but with 6 kids, you might consider a grow out pen, with just a crude shelter... and process them yourself at about 12-14 weeks. Personally, I think the meat is good for casseroles and soup, so at that age, I would just skin them, but other people grill them.

There are a lot of methods, and people will provide you video's, and one time was everyone's first time.

Mrs K

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