What to do with Vivienne the rooster?

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  1. I am an urban farmer who is not allowed a rooster in the city. Well when I raised Vivienne I believed she was a he...as he grew larger than his hatchling companions I began to worry and then one day he crowed. So what do people do when they have this problem?
    My husband has been bringing him in during the day and putting him in a large dog kennel until it's dark enough outside to rejoin him with the hens. We would love to find a happy home for him as he is very sweet, friendly and beautiful...he's a Black Copper Maran.
    I understand there are collars that muffle the sound somewhat when they crow ...so I wonder if anyone has had success with that? The laws need to change because it seems unjust that people are allowed dogs that bark, but not roosters that crow.::/
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    Sell him, give him away or send him to freezer camp.
    You can research the no crow collar here on BYC and across the web, you will find varying degrees of success and controversy. Some are in the "it's great" camp and some are in the "no way, it's inhumane" camp.

    I personally would not use one on my cockerel. I think if it is not carefully monitored and properly worn it could cause all sorts of problems. I think it's a bit cruel, but that is only what I think.

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