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    Apr 17, 2009
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    My husband is obsessed........that's the only way I can describe it. Our flock started off with 6....An easy 6, that was 4 years ago and we now have over 200 birds with at least 50 biddies growing up. (we have 1.5 acres in the country) I'm trying to convince him to sell some of his birds but he seems (at least to me) to want WAY too much money per bird, sometimes as much as $20. I understand that he's been raising/feeding/doctoring but there's got to be a limit. My question(s). How much is reasonable for a full grown chicken? We have a very large variety of game hens/cocks as well as a bunch of Tyson rejects that he took in (bless his heart) because they were to be sent to slaughter then landfill. How much is too much? How much should a very broody hen be worth and how on earth do you find someone who will buy the gorgeous roosters as well as the layers? HELP!!

    Thanks so much for any suggestions!

    A very frustrated homeowner looking at her landscaping and watching it be picked to nothing.


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    I think a very very good layer would be around $15 tops... and then down from there for the roos or broody hens. However, if he has some good stock or hard to find breeds then maybe he could sell them for more?

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