what to do?


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Sep 14, 2010
well i have some questions about hatching(im getting rooster in a year but just want to know now!!!)

Is a broody hen better than incubators?

if not what should i do with incubator eggs

what do i do with new hatch chicks?

what do i do if chicken hatches eggs?

thats all
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I think what you do with the birds depends on why you are hatching eggs. Are you asking what you need to do to hatch eggs and raise chicks, or how to get rid of the chicks that hatch?

I like to hatch eggs with a broody because I don't have to do anything. They take care of the hatching and raising babies all by themselves!
i just want to increase flock and I'll probaly sell the cockerals and some pullets every year.

So I dont have to have a heat lamp if hen hatches eggs?

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