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the Precious Ladies

9 Years
Mar 20, 2010
Im getting the chickies tomorrow!!!! Yay!!!


The brooder is our big rabbit cage. Last year, my dad let me keep the rabbits in the house ( in another condo-ish thing we built ) But this year he is not allowing her to be kept inside EXCEPT for that rabbit cage ( we had a male rabbit who was not spayed and peed all over the walls when they were in the "condo"- we only have a girl now though) We now have a HUGE hutch outside but the nightly temps are below freezing. How cold can a rabbit withstand?
So what should I do? any suggestions? I've been thinking to get another heat lamp to put in the hutch, by nailing the handle thingy to the wall. That's what we did for the coop...
I'm confused....lol but that's nothing new. Has the rabbit been living inside or outside? Rabbits can handle cold better than heat. As long as she is kept dry and out of the wind she should be fine.
If she has been kept inside than her coat probably isn't nice and thick like a winter coat. So you might want to acclimate her over a couple of days first.

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