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Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by kare21162, May 20, 2008.

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    On 5/31 my turkey poults are due to hatch. I need to know what the temperature under the heat lamp needs to be for new poults. I know that right after they are hatched and dried the temp needs to be in the 90's and then I heard that every week you knock the temperature down. Is this true? Do I need to give them a feed that's for turkeys or will chick starter work? I just need to know what I need to do. I have raised chickens before, but people keep telling me that turkeys are harder.
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    They need to be around 95 for the first 4 days. Then 90 till day 10. Then you can start dropping the temp by 5 degrees each week.

    They need a higher protein starter. I raised mine on 30% protein game starter and they did fantastically.

    To get them started eating try dying the food green with regular food dye. Also tapping at it with your finger can help too.

  3. kare21162

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    Can you get that feed at your local feed store, or is it something you have to order? Thanks alot for your help.
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    You can get turkey starter or gamebird starter at most feed stores. We put marbles in the feed and water dishes to encourage pecking. Also, lay paper towel over the shavings and sprinkle food on that so they start pecking right away and learn to look for feed. Good luck with your poults. They are so much fun to raise and very curious.

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    Thanks hinkjc. These are Eastern turkeys that we got from a breeder. They are beautiful birds, I like them alot better than the heritage breeds. We had 16 eggs and now we are down to 9. I candled all 9 and all had veins and lots of movements, so I'm happy about that. Thank you again for the information. I will have to try the marble trick and see if that works for me.
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    You need a thermometer in the brooder. Put it under the heat lamp so U can adjust the height and get the right temperature. You need it around the 95* to 100* then decrease the temperature by 5* per week. Good luck [​IMG]
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    Thanks Eggseronious for the info. I have a thermometer for the brooder, I just needed to know what temp I needed to keep it at.

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