What to expect????


13 Years
Mar 8, 2010
Mid-Coast Maine
Ok, so I got my first egg Saturday - not sure from which of my 6 birds. Was on the run floor/ground. Smallish, perfect egg.
No eggs since. Is this normal?
I would have to say yes, it's normal. some times it takes a while for the egg factory to start rolling. also some breeds are good layers and some aren't. I have 6 out of 21 that have started laying and only one didn't take a break after laying the first egg. Some lay pretty much every day with a missed day once in a while and others may lay for a few days and take a few days off. I have one that layed 3 eggs in 4 days and hasn't laid another one going on 8 days now. I keep a chart of who lays when. after they get going you can see a pattern.

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