What to feed 3 week old Brahma chicks


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I'm completely new to chickens and need all the help I can get please.

Other than the crumble chick starter food I've bought, is there anything else I should be giving to 3 week old Brahma chicks? Grit for example? Any other food type at this age?


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Apr 15, 2010
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Welcome to BYC! They won't need grit unless they have access to food other than the crumble. If you give them treats that would require "chewing" then you would add a dish of chick grit. Treats should be a very, very small percentage of their diet. Just make sure they always have food and water available to them and they'll be fine.

If you want to give them treats, do a search for the "treats chart" on here and you will find what is healthy.


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Thanks Yay Chicks!

So just crumbles it is then. At what age would you introduce other food? Or change the food from the baby crumbles to whatever comes next? I have noticed that their poop is a watery green colour - seems to be pretty much all liquid too. Is this ok? It's not diarrhea is it?


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I sometimes offer my 2 week and older chickens salad greens. I just put a little in and sometimes it takes the chicks a little bit to figure out that it is food. My understanding is that the chicks should have access to grit all the time. Or you can use sand in the bottom of the brooder, and it is adequate for their grit requirements. The sand is easy to clean also.

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Mine are a month old now and still in the brooder in the house. I have been giving them grass from the yard, strawberry stumps and lettuce and now suddenly I am SO popular. Instead of running from me they scream and rush to where I am sticking my hand in to see what I am delivering. Oh...also my 5 yr old put in 2 huge worms and it was like a game of tag or something. Those worms got passed (well stolen) so many times within about 2 minutes....hilarious. I liked at the treat chart and them looked out in the chicken yard thinking.."if they were with a mama hen out here what would they have access to?" So fun and no one seems sick by the goodies or anything.

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