What to feed 7 & 8 week old chickens?

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    First time chicken mom here...I've found plenty of info on younger and older chickens, but can't find much for the age range of my chickens.
    What should I be feeding them? Currently they are on starter crumbles 20% but since tractor supply has chicks right now it's very hard to find, I picked up a 50lb bag of grower finisher (15 or 16%) but am nervous they are too young! Also, the store was out of chick grit so I had to grab regular, too young for that?
    What else will they need in the next few weeks/months? Also, I'm giving some garden scraps and they are gobbling them up, but are they too young for scratch and the treats at the store?
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    Grower feed is fine at this point.

    At their age they should be transitioning off chick grit anyhow, so if the grit you got has different size pieces in the mix it'll be fine.

    Since the grower is lower in protein I would minimize how many treats you're giving them, so as to not dilute the % of protein in their diet. Or include some treats that have protein. I give my chickens scratch very rarely, my current batch of chicks haven't had it at all.
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    Grower/Finisher is all I feed my Birds from 6 weeks on. Once laying I supply Oyster Shell in a separate dish. I supply Grit in the winter and toss it on the ground in my Run.
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    If they're outside chances are they find the grit they need. If the standard grit does end up being large for them you can smash some with a hammer. (Watch your eyes) I only get regular grit and crush as needed for chicks. Flock raiser is a good choice. As suggested, they can stay on it with oyster shell offered at laying age.
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    I never feed chickens of any age less than 18% Protein.
    My first Flock of hens are 29 months old. I tried 16% Layers feed around 15 months old and the Golden Comets started to Feather pick. When I returned to a 18% Layers feed it stopped within a month.
    I only give Scratch Grains or Mixed Bird Seeds as a treat. No bugs other than what they find.
    They also free range an hour before sunset daily over an acre. There are plenty of bugs, grass and weeds 8 months of the year.
    I recommend a 18-20% Non-Medicated Starter-Grower/All-Flock or Flock Raiser after 10 weeks. I feed medicated till it's used up after 10 weeks.
    I am currently feeding a 18% Start & Grow to all my Chickens. Ages 16 days to 29 Months with Oyster Shells separately for the Adults.
    I will switch to All Flock Pellets 20% Protein after 10 weeks of age for all my Chickens.

    As for Chick Grit you can transition to Poultry Grit after 7 weeks. There are smaller pieces in the Adult Grit. GC
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