What to feed chickens

Classy Chick

Oct 18, 2012
I just purchased my six silkie hens from a breeder. She was just giving them wild bird seed and Purina layers feed. I am giving them Purinas layena feed in the morning and a handful of wild bird seed in the evening. I offer them grit and oyster shells free choice and they get scrapes every day. Is there anything else I should be giving them? Thank you for the help!
Wild bird seed shouldnt be apart of their main diet, it should be a treat... Feed them layer as a main diet and if you can, let them roam in your backyard/lawn/in a run where there is grass and they can find bugs and worms to eat
Agreed, their main diet should be the layer feed. Instead of wild bird seed, try Black Oil Sunflower Seeds (BOSS) as a treat. Or you can get some scratch grains for a treat. Scratch grains are like chicken candy though, so only give a little as a special treat. I usually mix about 1/3 scratch grains to 2/3 BOSS for a midday treat. They come running when they see me come out with the bowl! You can also give them kitchen scraps. If you have meat scraps, they'll do well with the extra protein this time of year.

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