What to feed ducks after 6weeks old?

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    HOw long do i keep them on the starter for?I think they are almost 6 weeks old. What do i go to nest and for how long. Thanks
    They are calls
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    Aug 7, 2007
    near ottawa ontario
    Oh wow. With all these people raising ducks. I know someone can answer this easy question.
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    I have calls... I was going to keep them on their 20% str for 6 wks and then i thought
    a couple of them were maybe getting angel wing and immediately switched to 15 %.
    Everyone on here said they switch at around 3 wks.... so I definately say u should switch
    now.... and i feed greens everyday.... not sure about your other ? but someone will answer
    dont worry [​IMG]
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    Jan 11, 2010
    Starting Stage: hatch to 2 weeks=protein 18-20%

    Growing Stage: Weeks 3 to 8=protein 15-16%

    Developing Stage: weeks 9-20=13-14% protein

    Laying Stage: three weeks prior to and throughout the laying season, the requirements for proteins many vitamins, and some minerals increase markedly. 15% protein is adequate, but 16-17% is often used. 18-20% protein will result in larger eggs. Calcium requirements jump to 2.5-3%

    Holding or Maintenance Stage: Fully mature not laying12-14% protein requirement

    Molting Stage: 15-16% protein for growing feathers.

    I got this info from Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks, Dave Hollerread.
    If you don't have it already, get it right away, this book is incredibly valuable!

    From 3 weeks till like 20 weeks we feed ours Blue Seal grower Cal and everything seemed just fine.
    Good Luck, and lower that protein!!

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