What to feed for healthy feathers?

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    Several of my pullets seem to have quite a lot of pin feathers among their hackle feathers. My silver laced polish also has a lot of them in her crest. The feathers in question are not very visible, but you can sure feel them when you're giving them a little neck scratch. I'm not sure if they just have more adult plumage growing in, or if they need some sort of supplementation in their diet. They currently get black oil sunflower seeds regularly as a treat, as well as fruit and vegetable scraps, in addition to their regular feed. Is there something specific I should do to help out their plumage? Thanks! [​IMG]

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    Increased protein seems to help with feather growth.
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    So not too much scratch etc.

    Their commercial feed should be fine. If you are really concerned you can switch them for awhile to a higher protein feed with oyster shells on the side (like Flock Raiser 20% protein). Or you can give scrambled eggs for a supplement.
  4. I feed 20% across the board with the layers and the littles. Oyster shell on the side obviously. I noticed that the older birds who where on 16% layer when I rescues them and were in deplorable shape really thrived on the higher protein so I havent changed. Their plummage is fantastic now and very glossy. And they get all the kitchen scraps and garden scraps that I can produce.
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