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    We bought our first ducklings this year. We started with 3 Khaki Campbells and 3 Cayugas the beginning of May. We lost the Cayugas to disease at about 6 weeks. After determining what they died from (we didn't want to lose more) we decided to replace them. Our new babies were born July 9th. I am still suprised by the difference. The new Cayugas are bigger and more active than the others were at the same age.

    The Khakis should begin laying soon (18 weeks old now), but the Cayugas are 8 weeks behind. What do we feed them? Right now they spend their days foraging in the 900 sq ft yard we fenced in and sleep in a room in the barn. The have food set out all day, but they prefer the bugs, etc. Obviously as fall sets in they will be relying more on feed. We are feeding them flock raiser right now, but I know laying ducks have different nutritional needs. Can we feed the Cayugas layer feed now? If not, how do we make sure the Khakis are getting the proper nutrients? Any supplements they need given their current diet?

    Any advice is appreciated.
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    You can just add oyster shells to the flock raiser and it will be fine for all of your age groups.
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    If you have ducks of varying ages, and not all at point of lay, please have the oyster shell in a separate container.
    Ducks will instinctively eat what they need. You don't want to overload their systems with calcium when they don't need it.

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