What to feed the mother and flock when the chicks hatch?


7 Years
Jun 25, 2015
Southern New Hampshire, USA
I'm letting a broody hen hatch eggs this summer since last year she was broody for so long. I've placed (hopefully) fertilized eggs under her and marked them. I remove other eggs every day as the other hens insist on laying in that laying box most of all. I would like to simply let nature take its course, but I'm not sure how to feed the flock and the mama when the chicks hatch. Will it matter that I feed the entire flock chick food? Should I offer both chick and layer pellets? Will the chicks try to eat the layer pellets?

Any other advice is welcome!


They'll get into each others food. Everyone can eat chick crumbles for a couple of months. Add a separate source of calcium for the hens (oyster, etc). Once they make it through the chick starter, I'd swap them to a flock raiser and continue to offer oyster separately...

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